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2016 is another year to keep pushing health care reform forward here in New York!  Since enactment of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, we’ve been working hard to “make it happen on the ground” here in New York, in conjunction with advocate colleagues, the Governor, the State Departments of Health and Financial Services, and the State Legislature.  Next up, we start promoting the New York Health proposal to move toward true universal health care.

We must also strongly respond to destructive efforts in Congress!  Zealous, Tea-Party driven politicians are pushing hard to repeal or otherwise undermine the Affordable Care Act, privatize Medicare, and “block-grant” Medicaid and the State Child Health Insurance Program, which would lead to drastic cuts in funding to the states.


  • Campaign for New York Health – a statewide coalition of groups and unions promoting creation of a full-public universal health care program for all New Yorkers.
  • Health Care for All New York– a statewide coalition of consumer advocacy groups who collaborate to implement and build on the Affordable Care Act here in New York, including both coverage expansions and initiatives to reform our health care delivery system to expand access to services, improve quality of care, and advance affordability of coverage and care.
  • Hudson Valley Access to Health Care Coalition– a network of local health care and social service non-profit organizations in NYC’s northern suburbs.
  • Medicaid Matters New York– a statewide network of advocates who collaborate to protect and improve health care for low-income people who rely on public insurance programs.
  • No Bad Grand Bargain– a citywide, multi-constituency network that strives to engage our members of Congress and the public about federal budget issues as they affect health care and related social programs.
  • New Yorkers for Accessible Health Coverage– a statewide coalition of voluntary health organizations that serve and represent people with chronic illnesses and disabilities
  • Restore the American Promise– a statewide campaign to protect and strengthen our nation’s historic social contract and safety net, resist austerity policies, restore tax fairness, and promote economic recovery and development, with a focus on key congressional districts.
  • Universal Health Care Action Network– a national network of state and local health care justice coalitions who collaborate for health care reforms at both the state and national levels

LABOR HEALTH CARE SOLIDARITY PROJECT: Our support for trade unions on health care issues relevant to their organizing campaigns, contract negotiations, policy work, and workplace justice matters — all in the context of affirming and promoting “health care for all.”


Facebook:  We post news about current events and reports, and the health care justice movement here.  Check out our feed in the column to the right, and be sure to “like” us!

“Health Care on the Air”: Our monthly cable TV program shown over public access channels in Manhattan (Ch. 67 Time-Warner, Ch. 85 RCN, Ch. 36 FiOS.)  Afterwards, all programs are posted to our website (see “Our Media” tab above.)

Twitter:  We share all kinds of info on health care in the U.S. and the activities of analysts, advocates, and activists.  Follow us @metronyhc4all

WBAI “Health Action”: We produce segments for and co-host the station’s weekly health issues program.  Tune in Monday’s at 1 p.m.!  (99.5 FM, or

For more details about both the radio and television programs, see the “Our Media” page of the website.

Our Speakers’ Bureau:  We will send someone out to your union, organization, or congregation to help you understand what’s happening in the fight for universal health care and health care justice, both here in New York and nationally.

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