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Jan. 30, 2017:

“Repealing the Affordable Care Act and What it Means for New York”

Guest:  Taylor Frazier, Health Policy Associate, Community Service Society of NY

“Current Attacks on Reproductive Health Care in Washington”

Guest:  Lois Uttley, Director, Raising Women’s Voices-NY


Jan. 9, 2017:

“Congress Begins New Health Care Fights and Advocates Mobilize to Oppose”

Guest:  Mary Clark, Federal Issues Coordinator, Citizen Action of NY; and Tim Foley, Political Director, Committee of Interns and Residents, SEIU


Jan. 2, 2017:

“New Initiatives in New York City to Promote Health Equity”

Guest:  Kamini Doobay, Founder, NYC Coalition to Dismantle Racism in the Health System

“Advocates for National Health Insurance Strategize About Responding to ‘TrumpCare'”

Guests:  Ben Day, National Coordinator, Healthcare Now;  and Mark Dudzic, National Coordinator, (Labor Campaign for Single-Payer Healthcare


Dec. 5, 2016:

“The Coming Congressional Fight Over the Affordable Care Act:  Repeal, and Replace with What Exactly?”

Guest:  Michael Miller, Director of Strategic Policy, Community Catalyst


Nov. 28, 2016:  Annual World AIDS Day Special

“AIDS and the Incoming Trump Administration and Next Congress”

Guests:  Michael Czaczkes, Director of Public Affairs and Policy, Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC); and Matthew Kavanaugh, Senior Policy Analyst, Health Global Action Project (HealthGAP)

“Progress Report on New York’s ‘End the Epidemic’ Initiative”

Guest:  Rev. Charles King, President and CEO, Housing Works


Nov. 21, 2016:

“Progress Report on New York City’s ‘Take Care NY 2020″ Initiative”

Guest:  Oxiris Barbot, MD, MPH, First Deputy Commissioner, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

“An Overview of and Tips for the Current Open Enrollment Periods for Medicare and Affordable Care Act Plans”

Guests: Carolina Rodriguez, Director, CSS Navigator Network; and Krystal Scott, New York State Advocacy Director, Medicare Rights Center


Sept. 12, 2016:  “What Health Insurance Company Mergers Mean for New Yorkers”

Guests:  Charles Bell (Consumers Union); and Amanda Dunker (Community Service Society of NY)


Aug. 29, 2016:

“Politics in the Exam Room: A Growing Threat”

Guest:  William Jordan, MD, MPH, Immediate Past President, National Physicians Alliance


Aug. 15, 2016:

“The Major Party Candidates’ Proposals and Platforms on Health Care”

Guest:  Michael Miller. Director of Strategic Policy, Community Catalyst

“Recent Insurance Industry Nefariousness Concerning the Affordable Care Act”

Guest:  Wendell Potter, author “Obamacare: What’s in it for Me?”


July 25, 2016:  “The Patient’s Playbook: How to Protect Your Life and the Lives of Those You Love”

Guest:  Leslie Michelson, Founder and CEO, Private Health Management


July 11, 2016:  “Recent Developments in Immigrants’ Access to Health Care and Coverage”

Guest:  Max Hadler, Health Advocacy Specialist, New York Immigration Coalition


July 4, 2016:  Trends in Hospital Mergers and the Implications for Patients and Communities

Guests:  Lois Uttley, Director, MergerWatch; and Christine Khaikin, Advocacy Director, MergerWatch


June 27, 2016:  Annual LGBT Pride Health Special

“New Civil Rights Protections for LGBT People for Health Care and Coverage”

Guest:  Sean Cahill, Director of Health Policy Research, Fenway Institute

“Current Health Care and Insurance Issues for LGBT New Yorkers”

Lois Uttley, Director, Raising Women’s Voices-New York; and Jacob Barela, LGBTQ Program Associate, Raising Women’s Voices-New York


June 13, 2016:

“Rate Review for Requested Health Insurance Premiums in New York for 2017″

Guests:  Bob Cohen, Policy Director, Public Policy and Education Fund of NY; and Amanda Dunker, Health Policy Associate, Community Service Society of NY


June 6, 2016:

“The Safe Staffing and Quality Care Act, and the Campaign for Patient Safety”

Guest:  Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, President, New York State Nurses Association

“Health Care Issues in the 2016 City Budget Negotiations”

Guest:  Anthony Feliciano, Executive Director, Commission on the Public’s Health System in NYC


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